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The City of Troy Police Department -- Responsible for ensuring the safety of roughly local residents and visitors, the City of Troy Police Department boasts a dedicated staff of law enforcement professionals. On this website, you can find out about the safety and education initiatives sponsored by the Department, and find important community alerts. The Sheriff's Office numbers roughly 80 personnel, divided among deputy sheriffs, corrections officers, and office personnel.

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Clerk of Courts for Clark County, OH — Whether you need to access any public records related to your case or need to pay a fine, you will need to go through the County Clerk of Courts for Clark County. You can even make a payment online using a major credit card. Sheriff's Office for Clark County — With a population of over , people, Clark County is served by a dedicated team of law enforcement professionals and staff.

You can see the members of the Sheriff's Office hard at work, patrolling highways, securing courtrooms, and reaching out to the public through safety initiatives. City of Springfield Police Department — The mission of the local police department is to serve the public with the highest sense of pride, integrity, and dedication. They make every effort, not just to be proactive about securing the public, but to reach out and help members of the community take efforts to increase their own safety.

Greene County, OH Free Public Records Directory

In this Court, cases related to criminal misdemeanors, small claims, and certain civil cases are heard. They take pride in maintaining a superior County jail, assisting with serving civil and criminal subpoenas, and ensuring a peaceful courtroom. City of Beavercreek Police Department — The three main tenets upheld by the Beavercreek Police Department are fairness, integrity, and loyalty.

With this in mind, they provide quick response to emergency calls, proactive outreach, and general crime prevention initiatives. Perry Street Room Dayton, OH Track your Case in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas — You can track basic information and the docket related to civil, court of appeals, judgments, criminal felonies, and domestic relations on this website.

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Greene County Ohio Court Directory

See our Search Spy! Other Sites CrimeTime. Court of Appeals Dockets. Ohio Second District Court of Appeals. Search official appeals court case dockets. Civil Court Criminal Records. Housing Court Docket.

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City of Dayton Municipal Court. Search official court records for cases identifiable with a person or organization. Civil Court. Municipal Court - Civil. Municipal Court - Criminal, Traffic. Municipal Court Docket.

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Search official court dockets for civil, criminal and traffic cases. Traffic Citations. Free search allows you to enter citation number or plate to obtain information on citations.

Court of Common Pleas. Greene County, Ohio. Greene County Court of Common Pleas. Password: visibility. Not Available.

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Case Party Case Number Attorney. Party Name. Case Number. Subscribe or Login to access closed cases , case details , and additional features.

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